The Podluck

Advent 3: The Wisdom of Tomato Farmers

December 09, 2022 Season 4 Episode 16
The Podluck
Advent 3: The Wisdom of Tomato Farmers
Show Notes

Quotes this week taken from the documentary Crip Camp, which you can stream on Netflix. 

Blessed are you who wait for tomatoes. 
Who water and weed and pray for rain and sun.

Blessed are you building a highway in the wilderness, 
Or at least you were, 
Until you were stopped by the zoning board. 

Since when does the wilderness have a process for proposals and approvals anyway? 

Blessed are you who are unexpectedly, wonderfully filled.
And you who are becoming acquainted with feeling of leaving empty. 

May this cosmic reversal be the fertile ground in which solidarity grows, rather than resentment. 

“Back in the day, things were different.” You’re right. And they needed to change. 

We will always need to change.

Soil becomes deplete if you only grow tomatoes.
Farmers show us the wisdom not only of patience, but of rotation. 

If we don’t change, welcome new in, dedicate our attention and shift our routines and expectations toward what is needed for renewal, we will die. 

Blessed are you who look out on the stark field, wondering if all that effort worked at all. 

Blessed are those, waiting, looking desperately for a crocus to bloom.  

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